Intensive Care Units (ICU)

Care 24 Medical Centre & Hospital

Care 24 Medical Centre & Hospital has a 28 Bed ICU unit that houses: Surgical ICU, Coronary / Medical ICU, Pediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU.

A multidisclipinary team consisting of physicians, nurses, therapist, case managers and chaplains provide care to all patients in the intensive care unit. The Intensive care physician coordinates these services.

The planning, infrastructure and equipment include :
  • Advance air filtration system.
  • Positive & Negative pressure isolation rooms.
  • Advanced ventilators for optimal patient ventilator synchrony.
  • Latest machines such as IABP / Advanced Modular Monitors & Workstations. Monitors with up to 48 hrs memory.
  • Fully computerized drug indenting system.
  • Fully computerized laboratory & radiological systems, so that investigations & imaging can be viewed online in ICU.
  • Two ICU beds with dialysis facility.